Here are a few things people have said about us.

PrimeTime Fitness has made a huge difference to my life. I love the range of classes on offer and the experienced instructors make keeping fit a lot of fun. It is great to find a friendly place to exercise and make new friends, and I feel so much happier and healthier since joining.

Sharon, Cottenham

Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed coming to the gym for over 2 years now. The class to which I go is fun and really does help me stay fit. Great gym run by pleasant and helpful staff

L. Mears, Cambridge

One of my favourite things about Primetime Fitness is the relaxed atmosphere and friendly people.

T.W, Girton

I have been going to Revolution Health & Fitness for a year and a half now. I have an off peak membership which suits me really well. I love the friendliness of the trainers and the great atmosphere in the classes.

Szilvia, Girton

Friendly, warm and approachable staff. We are always made to feel welcome. Excellent value for money.

Malini, Girton

All abilities and ages are made to feel welcome and comfortable.

Ginny, Girton

A welcoming and happy atmosphere with instructors who are interested in advising you about fitness

Maureen, Histon

Prime Time offers a great variety of classes with cheerful instructors. I’ve been a member for almost 10 years now and enjoy the social aspect of the gym community here too.

Tina, Cambridge

Good range of classes for all ages and abiliities . Friendly people, welcoming with very good facilities. Easy parking.

Jan, Bar Hill

It’s such a lovely gym, very friendly and relaxed. The staff are lovely.

Jane, Girton

Relaxing, fun and keeping me young!

Margare, Girton

I enjoy the atmosphere at Prime Time. The early morning sessions have a great variety of exercises by knowledgeable enthusiastic instructors

Steve, Willingham

The isn’t like others where you walk in, wobbly bits and all, and find that you are being given the evil eyes by the dumb bell wielding men and super skinny women. Its friendly and people either say hello or smile whether they know you or not which makes for a very welcoming and friendly experience.

Elisabeth, Cambridge

I use Revolution Health & Fitness not only for its obvious locality and ease of access nor because they offer wall-to-wall of high tech machines, but they also have fun classes. I find it’s much easier to convince myself to go to the gym if I am challenged in different and interesting ways. I find the variety of classes appealing and the friendliness of the staff encouraging which makes the experience more enjoyable – if that’s possible.

Mike – Oakington

I love going to PrimeTime Fitness for lots of reasons ….The staff are all so welcoming, friendly, approachable, professional. The classes are amazingly varied, suiting most people and great fun to boot. Couldn’t ask for more! Would like to add that there is a cross section of people there, all shapes and sizes blah blah cos some women and blokes might be put off trying a gym out due to being overweight etc and self conscious but it’s not a posy type gym so no worries there.

Anne, Girton

Love this gym.. great friendly staff always happy and there to help as and when needed.. very spacious and when busy still feels like u have lots of space.

Great price for Unlimited access.. as u can tell I love going there to de stress and get fitter x

Polly, Cambridge

I seem to really enjoy going to this gym plenty of room and the staff very friendly and helpful. I enjoy it much better here then I did at my other gym

Mandy, Cambridge

I love coming to Revolution Health & Fitness as it’s so friendly there and the classes are great fun! The staff are all really helpful and make you feel so at ease.

Fran, Cottenham

I have been a member of the gym since just after it opened. What makes it so special and different is that it is very friendly and personal.

Bob, Sandy

A friendly and welcoming gym. Great variety of classes and most importantly helpful and proficient staff! Fantastic value for money. I’ve been a member for years and love it!

Helen, Cottenham

I’ve found the staff to be very friendly and supportive and it’s a great environment in which to improve your fitness what ever level you are at

Yvonne, Bar Hill

Transformation is the only word to describe my experience at PrimeTime Fitness. Over a period of 2 years I’ve lost over 3 stone, put on 14 lb if muscle and put my type 2 diabetes into full remition. All as a result of your friendly, supportive team and facilities…money well spent!

Kevin, Bar Hill
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