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The Team

It is with great pleasure I introduce you to our fantastic team of highly qualified Personal Trainers who have a wide and diverse range of skills to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Julian enjoys watching his clients through their own fitness journey regardless of what stage or level they are at. Having turned his passion into his career, he likes to share his knowledge with his clients to help them achieve their goals, whether building muscle, strength fat loss or specific sporting events. Julian Studied in the University of Leon in Spain before moving to England and building his personal training business. With a wide variety of exercise knowledge, Julian keeps his training interesting and fun for everyone.
Qualifications & Skills
Sport Science Degree (5 years)
Assisted Stretching
Injury Rehab
Weight Loss
TRX Training
Sports Performance
Dan is a passionate health and fitness professional who has been involved in training for over 10 years of fitness and competitive martial arts. Dan will support you every step of the way through any goal, from simply toning up to body transformations. You will get more than just a one hour session as Dan wishes to provide an excellent service for you every step of the way.
Qualifications & Skills
Lv3 Personal Trainer
Lv2 Kettlebell Instructor
Circuit Instructor Qualified
Body Transformations
Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai Padwork
Muscle Hypertrophy
Group Training
Recognising that health and fitness is a lifestyle choice and one that offers a variety of challenges, my personal training is very much orientated around the whole experience. For me training the mind is just as important as training the body. As a result I am now embarking on a coaching course based around motivation, mindset management and neuro Linguistic Programming. I love working collaboratively with people and building a positive and supportive training environment. ​ I believe investing in your health and fitness will pay dividends in all walks of life. Our lifestyles today are often busy and demanding and often exercise and diet are the first elements to go. No matter what your circumstances are, I am confident in being able to help you take the necessary steps to improve your overall wellness. Whether you are new to exercise or feel uninspired in your current regime and need new motivation, feel free to come and have a chat as I’d love to help.
Qualifications & Skills
Lv2 Trainer
Lv2 Spin
Joe Fresco
Joe had been training in the gym for four years prior to qualifying as a personal trainer. He has always been a sporty, active person and this lead him to study sports at college. He loves the satisfaction you can achieve from fitness and personal development to become your best possible self and wants to help people start their own journeys that change their life through fitness. He is an easy going, bubbly and approachable guy who likes to see the positive in any situation. As he has tried and tested his training methods, Joe would like to pass on his personal experience and knowledge to others who are looking to increase muscle growth, lose unwanted body fat, maintain and gain strength and tie it all in with injury prevention.
Qualifications & Skills
Lv3 Personal Trainer
Lv3 Extended Diploma in Sport
Luke is a young and hungry personal trainer who is willing to work as hard as possible to improve himself and those around him. As an aspiring football professional, Luke takes his knowledge, fitness and nutrition very seriously. He wants to encourage others to always dream as high as they can and will help to get the results that his clients want by motivating them through the hard work.
Qualifications & Skills
Lv3 Personal Trainer
Lv3 Sports Therapy Massage
Football Specific Training
Lv2 Spin